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Culinary Nightmare

Boris shoves a wooden spoon into your hands, you look at the congealed mess and gulp, the smell and look of it begging you to let lose and lighten your load. You face visibly pales as you feel the bile rising at the back of your throat. "Now, we worked very hard to make this JUST for you, so you better not insult our hospitality," he says, the tone telling you if you do throw up, you will regret it. You swallow it back down, and shakingly dip the spoon into the... you don't even know what to call it, it like burnt hardened fat, the spoon doesn't even sink into it, instead you have to force it in, the mixture making a disgusting sucking sound as you try to scoop it up. You have to use all your strength as it is so sticky and tar-like it doesn't separate from the rest of it. When you do it feels as if a stone is in the spoon, like Agatha's scone, but a nightmare version. You lhold it in front of you, unable to make yourself put it in your mouth. The Boris yells, "EAT IT!" and you force it in.

You want to reech, and the texture like glue and slime, sticking to any surface and the taste like burnt rotten fish, made all the worse by being made sick on the edible dishes of Agatha. You can't chew it, the attempted bursts pustules of rancid oily stuff that spreads the unbearable flavor more, so you just swallow as hard as you can, trying to avoid having it touch your tongue. It sticks to your throat as it goes down, coating it with the smell and slime. It takes an effort of will not to start puking. The nightmarish mixture leaves you sweating and exhausted just trying to keep it down, but it have barely have recovered from the first spoonful when Boris says "More." You are visibly crying as you return the spoon to the cauldron for the next portion.

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