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Tickle her

You attack the ribs directly. The poor girl thrashed in ticklish agony as you mercilessly tormented her ribs. You dug into the spots between the ribs, eliciting shrieks of laughter, howls of mercy and desperate struggling against her torture.


The Tangrowth seems to decide that it's had enough and let's her go. You pin her arms up and sit on them. You then proceed to poke each rib one after, counting as you go. Each time you nearly finish however, you accidentally lose count.

"Four, five, six... Damn! Lost count again"

"Nohohohohoho not again misunderstands stohohohohohop"

You keep this up until you finish of with a full upper body tickle attack. You scratch at her pits, you squeeze her sides, you tickle her belly and you torment her ribs. After a few minutes she couldn't even beg anymore. She just howled.


After a while she passes out, and you continue your journey, wondering what beauty you might tickle next.

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