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Crime and punishment

After a fun couple of hours tickling May, you leave her with the Aimbipoms. She was screaming with laughter, begging the pokemon to stop, but they just kept on. You had no idea if she would be released but, who cared.

You walked on until you found a large cave. Hoping to find a new pokemon inside you went in. After ten minutes you rounded a corner and quickly ducked back.

There was a woman with pink hair and a uniform with R on it. She was using a large contraption to attract pokemon and then catch them in nets.

You and Pikachu waited to pounce, then, finally, made your move. You called out tangela and the three of you charged. Tangela grabbed the woman and wrapped her so she couldn't move or speak. You pulled a lever on the machine and all the pokemon ran away. Pikachu the blew up the machine with a thunder.

You turned to the woman and said. What do you think Pikachu? Same as May?


You signalled Tangela to let her go but hold her down. You then took out Frogadier and it used ice bean to pin her in place.

"What are you doing you twerp!?" She asked angrily .

"Punishing you for your crimes."

" What! "

"Who are you?"

" Jessie of team Rocket. "

" Tell me Jessie, are you ticklish?"

"What! Umm.. No. Euuu.. I"

"I think your lying."

You poke her in her exposed belly, eliciting a squeal of laughter.

" Liar, liar. " You say in a song song voice.

"Wait, please!! Don't tickle me!"

" Coochie coochie coo... "

You trail a finger over her belly.

"Hehehehahaha no hahaha please hehehehe stop tickling mehehehe please hahahaha"

You wriggle you finger over her neck, making her shake her head wildly in protest. She pleaded with you to stop but you kept at it.

"You deserve this pokemon thief"

"Ahahahahahahahaha monopoly please stohohohop"

You lower your fingers towards her belly and this time tickle her with ten fingers


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