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Kim Fields love being tickle

One afternoon Van came home after his long workout at the gym soon as he open the door his celebrity wife Kim Fields Lewis was on the bed waiting on him than she say in a sexy voice how was the gym? Kim say it was fine Van said soon as Van put down his gym bag Kim Fields Lewis gave her husband a sexy look and say look down Van look down and he see that Kim Fields Lewis had some new toes nail color so Van got a handcuffed and handcuffed her to the bed and start to blow on the soles of her feet ooooh giggling Kim Fields Lewis had the sexiest laught he ever heard once he stop she ask him why did you stop I enjoying it l do it as long as you want than we can have sex I love your big dick Van smile and say ok than the feet tickle continue until six pm. Than they made love and Van look at Kim Fields and told her he love her Mim smile kiss him and say she love him too and she was crazy about him

Written by Vantrell Lewis

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