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let the feast begin

The dragon smiles and chuckles " i knew you would be hungry. " You kiss jessie on the forehead. Jessie says "let me down." You look at your body, which is a colossal mass of fat covered by fur, your legs and arms pudgy. With the mass of food and jessie beside you... you wag your tail. The dragon says "I brought some whales, roast hippos, for you wolfie I brought lots of bison and elk. You say "Hand me the bison, and caribou. The dragon hands it to you and you gorge on the meat. With the warmth of jessie next to you and feel a large hard on with your dick and you feel a release of cum. Jessie says " I'll have the the hippos." The dragon hands her it, which jessie manages to ravenously consume it. You say "we'll have some of the whales. " The dragon hands it to you. You put it tail first, and then let it slide down. The eating continues for a while. After your meal, you rest, and look as your body has become a towering sea of fat. Jessie says "That was real good."

Written by Wolfie

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