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The wish made and it did not take but a few minute before the Sprite, Miss Angelia returned with her supposed good news.

"Greeting Mistress Satyress, as I bare good news, you wish to become a sensual Satyress Sorceress, was granted!"

A clap of two petite as slightly furry hands greeted the good news, as suddenly there was a black boiling cloud descending, about to engulf an already sensual Satyress.

"What devilment is this?" That super horny Satyress asked of the twinkling Sprite deity.

"This is a cloud of 666 devils coming to make of you the kind of Sorceress Satyress what Grand Master Ashtoreth specified as he wanted you to look the part. The devil shall instill into your body the necessary magical organ and attach it to your brain. The other change is that in a moment you shall become as black furred, black skin, and a blackened heart what hates men, and is constantly jealous of all women." The cute Sprite so said, and just as she finished explaining the cloud descended, enveloping one horny Satyress.

"Ack, ouch, what..., where do you THINK you are GOING..., Huh, huh, huh, HUH..., oh damn you devils, you are making so horny I would mate with your Grand Master!" The Satyress was so noted to have said, as some of the 666 devils entered her vagina and began their inspiring of her to become extremely horny.

"Is, is it NECESSARY..., that I become black my color, not that I have a raciest BONE..., in my BODY...!" Asked the sexually prodded Satyress, as the devils inside her vagina took to enhancing her gender, from labia to womb.

Written by AdobeFats

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