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Fat Werewolf vs. Fatter Kitsune: Round 2

You ask Kana to help you up, she moves over to you and grabs your hands to pull you up. You tell Jessie this time your gonna push her down, she laughs and asks are you sure about that, you nod.

You start to think, how can you bring her down? If you charge her, you'll just bounce off. If you shove her, its the same as a belly rub. So you can't make her fall, but maybe she can make herself fall! If you find a weak point, she might just fall over by herself if you hit it.

You look over Jessie closely, she is huge with her belly possibly making up 60% of her body. Since you've tried her belly twice, maybe her backside is the best option.

You waddle behind her, eyeing her butt; it's huge and covered in white fur, from a distance looks like two full moons next to each other with her tails swaying back and forth on top of them. You decide that's enough analyzing her perfect butt and it's time to start winning.

You charge her, and land face first in her butt, this is the highlight of the match for you. Jessie's eyes open wide, you finally have a reaction from her! She starts to purr again, and you know what to do next!

Written by FrenchFox15

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