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You feel funny

Suddenly you feel a strange sensation inside your body. You see a flash and then you are somewhere else. You look at your body to see you are a human again. You mumble "At least it's not a were-gerbil, at least I can speak in this form."

The witch is standing there. She says "That was a test to see if you'd eat me or not. And you did, and for that you will have to be punished."

Your body shrinks. And keeps shrinking. You are soon only a foot tall. You feel fur sprout all over your body. The fur is gray and itchy. You can't stand on two legs anymore, as you fall onto all fours. You are now a puppy.

You yell at the witch "Hey! Turn me back!" But all you actually say is "Rufff!"

The witch says "You are now a two-month old puppy dog. Enjoy your new life. Let me give you a bit of advice, stay away from little girls, they will never let you go."

The witch is gone. You are now alone in the body of a two-month old pet dog. What do you do?

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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