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You wake up. You're don't recognize where you are. You're now in a forest. It's dark. You hear a woman's voice say "You left us to die, and now we will return the favor. We were originally gonna let that house fall on you, but we decided there were more fitting fates for someone like you. Enjoy your new life."

You look down at your hand and see it is changing. It shrinks and becomes a hoof. You soon see the rest of your body is also changing. You are growing light brown fur all over uncontrollably. You feel your head change shape. You are now a horse. You try to yell for help but all you can say is "Neigh." You keep trying to talk but your vocal chords are unable to pronounce human language.

You hear someone say "There you are Ella! It's not okay to run away from your master."

In your head, you think "Oh my god, I'm a horse now? And someone's pet horse at that! I need to get out of here and find some way to become a human again."

You try running but you just stumble because you don't know how to use your new legs. The man puts a rope around your neck and starts pulling you. You keep trying to resist him, but he's stronger than you are. He takes you to the stables and traps you in a small pen with other horses. You need to get out of here.

What do you do?

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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