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The blue door

You walk through the door with a picture of a dragon it, mumbling "I get to be a dragon? That doesn't seem like a punishment at all." You walk in without regret.

You wake up in a field, full of grass. You immediately examine your body. You're still a perfectly fine human. Until you soon feel strange inside your body and start changing. You quickly turn into a dragon. You have red scales and a long tail. You first say "This is awesome!" But it just comes out as a bunch of grunts and growls.

You hear from behind you, someone saying "Oh good, another one." You turn around to see a human. You immediately turn to burn him with your fire breath, but all that comes of your mouth is a small puff of smoke. You then realize something. It must take baby dragons YEARS to learn how to breathe fire and fly, you don't know how to do that.

The human says "Bow, foul beast." You suddenly put your head down. You can't not do it, you try but you can't. It's as if this human is controlling you. He says "Yes, you will make a good slave to me."

You keep trying to hurt him, but you still can't move. He says "Just to make sure you can't betray me when I let you move again, I'll cast a hex. IF YOU EVER TRY TO HURT ME, OR DISOBEY MY ORDERS, YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY BE TURNED INTO A PIG AND KEPT ON A FARM FOREVER."

You don't know what to do. At this point, you wish you were just a normal human again. This isn't how you imagined being a dragon would be, this sucks. And now you'll have to be this guy's slave forever, unless you find a way to turn yourself back into a human, which is very unlikely in your state.

What can you possibly do?

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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