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Killer Barney no more!

You decide to go back to Earth and face the evil Barney. Jessie responds by biting you, and you immediatly turn into a kitsune. "Close your eyes..." Jessie says dreamily. The two of you are warped back to Bathory. Suddenly you smell something that smells like rotting meat and garlic-something that smells like a big,purple dinosaur missed the target big-time. Then the ultimate fear comes... "I YOU..." "YOU ME..." Please don't mess with BARRRRNEY..." Jessie hands you a battleaxe and a sledgehammer, both of which are incredibly light, but strong. You then see IT... Barney...

The battle begins. You run up and amputate Barney's tail from his body. Barney roars, then turns toward you. The sledgehammer interlocks with his eyes and he screams. But then he slashes at you and wounds you. He then walks toward you, saying, "With a whick-whack, break you back, whydoncha smell my breath..."

But he never finishes. Jessie rubs a silver, foxtail-shaped medallion you never noticed...and six more kitsunes appear!

They weild swords, and they hack and slash at Barney until he is no more. Then, a red-furred kitsune runs over to you with a silvery plant leaf in its paw. It rubs the herb on your wound and it heals up.

Jessie blushes, then says, "Indy, I'd like you to meet the Kitsune Kids.

Do you answer her, or do you wait for the Kitsune Kids to answer your half-opened eyes?

Written by Kitsunelover

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