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Buck her off

You quickly kick her off your back and gallop away as fast as you can. You faintly see some trees in the distance, even though it's hard to see at all because you're still adjusting to your new eyes. You reach the trees. When you finally think it's safe to stop, you hide behind a tree. You feel a heavy saddle on your back, accompanied by seeing reins on your now giant muzzle. You hate it, it makes you feel like a slave.

"You shouldn't have tried that." The witch says. "And now you will pay."

You look down to see your legs are getting shorter. Your entire body is shrinking, even more than it did when you turned into a horse. You can't take this. You squint your eyes and prepare for the worst. When you awake you are even shorter. You can't quite tell, but you feel about 2 feet tall. You see the witch has placed a mirror in front of you. You gaze into it to see you have turned into a Golden Retriever!

You can't believe it. You thought you'd seen the worst of the punishments when she turned you into a horse, now a dog? She says "Wanna try escaping me again? I can downgrade you all the way down to a snail, and at that point you wouldn't even be able to escape."

What do you do?

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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