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Switch with the other cow


You quickly look over to the cow two pens across from you. You switch bodies with it. You don't feel much different now, except for the fact that you're no longer being lifted up. You look over to the pen you just were in. You still can't get eye contact with the farmer. You hear him say "Jennifer, why are you so heavy?" To the cow you just were. You need to do something fast. You look around the farm for options.

You see a sheep in the pen directly across from the pen the farmer is in, if you switch with it you could probably catch the farmer's eyes as he's leaving.

You also see a pig in the pen directly across from where you are now. You could switch with it and see if you can switch with the farmer now.

You could also easily just stay as the cow you are now. The farmer would probably look over to you at least once before the 10 minutes end.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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