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Just keep waiting


You don't switch with the other cow in the other pen and decide to just wait in your current state. You hear the farmer say "Jennifer, why are you so heavy?" You can do nothing in response but Moo, which he just seems to ignore anyway. You see the other cow turn away from you, which means you can no longer switch bodies with it. And you, once again, can't see any animals to switch with. You still feel the farmer's hands on your body. You're almost standing up. You really hope you get to switch with him before this ends. After a lot more waiting, your hooves finally feel the ground again, and your standing again, as much as a cow can stand. You're now standing again. And behind you, you hear the pen door open. You turn around as fast as you can to see the farmer now walking away. He never make eye contact with you, he just left. And it's not like you can chase him, with 500 pounds of fat, he's gone. You lost.

You feel the spell gone. You no longer have the ability to switch bodies with anything. You're stuck like this forever.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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