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New addition

2 years pass as you and your pack have strolled through life. Your owner gives the toddler a huge box on the annual day when the male human desicrates your "territorial tree." To your suprise there is another, older, stronger, black and white terrier dog inside that box. His name is Opey. Him and your spouse become the best of friends.

The following year, you are on your way out of the house to go play in the new fallen snow, when Opey slips on the ice and pushes you down the steps. You feel a shriveling pain go throughout your whole body. Through your blurred vision, you see the human child come out of the house with a balled up piece of toilet paper you slept on when you were taken in. (The humans call it a "newspaper") The child begins to chase Opey arround the yard beating him with the toilet paper.The adults stop the child and take you to the vetrinarian, where she says you may not have much longer.

Written by Spywolf

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