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Knock the lamp off the nightstand


Since the TV isn't making enough noise, you need to do something else. You decide to go up on the nightstand and break the lamp. There are two nightstands on both sides of the bed, the lamp is on the left one.

First you need to get up to the nightstand. You need to climb up the bed, and then jump to the lamp. The bed is big compared to you, it's at least 3 feet tall and you're no bigger than 8 inches. But you try, you put your little cow leg up on the mattress base, and then the other front leg. You try to lift your other legs up to the base but between the bony cow legs and the cow fat it's just not possible. You try moving your front legs even higher to see if you can climb that way. You scoot over to the pole on the corner of the bed and wedge your hoof inbetween the mattress and the cornerpiece. You soon are able to lift your back legs up to the mattress base. You climb your front legs up to the top of the mattress, they almost slip. You climb up again by wedging your backright leg inbeteeen the cornerpiece and the mattress. And you soon get your backleft leg to the top, and then climb your last hoof up. You are thankful that it just has one mattress.

The top of the bed is humongous compared to you. But there's no time for sightseeing, you need to knock that lamp off that nightstand. The left nightstand is about 6 inches away from the bed. You're nervous to cross the gap. You quickly move your legs over the gap one at a time. And eventually you are on the nightstand. You push over the lamp over the floor. It makes a shattering sound, but it's not as loud as you imagined, probably because you're so short now, and the height seems like a lot more than it is.

But it's still not enough. You don't hear the farmer coming at all. You suddenly feel tingly all over your body, and then the spell wears off. Leaving you in this body forever.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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