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Eye contact with the chicken above you


You look directly up, luckily the chicken above you is awake. You stare at it's eyes and feel tingly. And you become the hen above you. You're now on level 2. You look up again, the chicken above you is also awake. But he's standing at the edge of the cage, so you have to walk over to the corner. Walking as a chicken is strange, you feel you shouldn't be able to balance on your tiny legs, but you do. You feel extremely obese and overweight. Eventually you make it all the way to the corner and look again.

You're now on level 3. You need to make it all the way to level 5. The next chicken is pretty close to you, luckily. When you reach level 4 you realize the final chicken is facing the wall, if you had switched with the chicken on the other side you'd have to wait for her to turn around. So you switch with the hen on level 5. You still feel flushed from switching bodies so much.

You look out the window. You see the farmer doing something with the cow laying down, probably standing it back up. The cow that was you now has it's eyes closed, while the farmer pushes her back up. You still can't get eye contact with the farmer, you need to look at something else before you can switch with the farmer.

You see another cow is awake. She's in pen 6, the farmer is in pen 8. Perhaps you could switch with her and then look at the farmer.

And then you realize you have another choice. It may feel strange, but it's a choice. The baby cow, the one that you gave birth to. She's still in the pen with the farmer. If you switched with her, it should be easy to become the farmer!

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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