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Titles are for the weak

Vakoligan yells "I still have a little bit of power of my own!" As you start to feel funny. You freeze in place, you can't move anything except your eyes. You feel the gnome crawl out from under your foot. When he escapes your grasp, he whispers something that you can't quite hear because you're still adjusting to your new body. And a few seconds later he turns into a human. The human Vakoligan climbs up your body, still frozen.

A few seconds later you feel something around your neck. Something metal, but you can't see it because of your dragon-sized nose. A few seconds later the freezing curse ends, and you can move again. You turn around to see Vakoligan standing there.

He says "Now you'll be my pet." You still have the thing around your neck.

"What did you do?" You try to say, but most of the sounds of speech are unpronounceable through a dragon's vocal chords, it just sounds like a bunch of growls and grunts.

"You will obey me."

Confused at what he's doing, you just decide to just try to eat him. When your head gets close to him you feel the thing around your neck tighten.

"I wouldn't try that if I were you." He says. "Here's a sneak peak at what will happen if you try to resist my commands. You are my pet now, whether you like it or not."

You start to feel cold inside your body. Like, unbelievably cold. As if your new body has less body heat that your human body did. Your freezing to the point where you feel frostbite. You move your head away from Vakoligan, and you start to feel warmer again. And that's when you realize what the metal collar is doing to you.

You try to bite off the collar, but you can't bend your neck enough to reach it. You try to pry it off with your claws, but they can't reach it.

"Okay new pet, I didn't catch your name. Since you will be my pet from now I need something to call you."

"Grrrr." Is all you can manage to get out of your mouth, no matter what you try to say.

"That's not a good name, we can't use that! Okay then, maybe I'll call you..... hmmm.... well, of course. I'll call you Jennifer."

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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