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Block it with your body

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You see the poop right where it was before, behind a pair of skis. You walk out in front of the one part that isn't blocked by the skis. Maria says "It's definitely in here." She then looks at you and says "Is the smell coming from you?" And when she picks you up she gets the answer to where it's coming from. When she sees the dog poop she yells "Spot what is wrong with you!? You're not supposed to poop in the closet!" She looks at you with no affection at all. She then runs out of the room saying "Now I've gotta clean your mess." When she exits the closet she with realizing it, slams the door, trapping you in the closet. There's not much that you can do anymore, Maria can't hear you and you really doubt you're gonna get her affection back after that. You do nothing but think for the last seconds of the timer, you already know you lost. After a while you see a bright flash.

Vakoligan says to you "Well you really did something there, I don't think I have to explain to you what happened."

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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