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When you and Maria get home she takes her phone out and says "There's still a while until 2." She takes your leash off and walks upstairs to her room. You realize that you basically have assigned this time of the day to your "naptime." But there's nothing you can do about it, you feel tired and you need sleep. You walk over to the doggy bed in the laundry room and fall asleep.

You wake up to the sound of the front door opening, luckily the laundry room door is still open so you can see what's happening. You see a man come through the door, you are trying your best to keep hidden from him while still being able to watch them talk. The man looks the same height as Maria, this must be Nathaniel. You hear Maria say "So where's my stuff Nathaniel?" He looks at her nervously and says "There was a robbery last night, it's all gone. Can I have my jacket back?" Maria glares at him and says "Oh sorry it was robbed too, how inconvenient that was the only thing they took." Nathaniel replies with "I'm telling the truth!"

Maria walks closer to him and stares right into his eyes, making herself look taller than him. He then says "Ok fine I gave it to someone else, but it was for a good reason." Maria doesn't stop looking him in the eyes, she says "What good reason?" Nathaniel sighs and says "I have a crush on her, I hoped I could give it to her as a present." Maria glares more and then says "And you came here expecting your jacket back?" She then reveals the jacket she's hiding behind her back. Nathaniel says "Give me that I need it." Maria doesn't move at all. Nathaniel reaches for the jacket in her hands, he grabs it and tries to take it from her hands. Maria continues to grasp it with him struggling to take it. He then gets a mad look on his face and then elbows Maria in the chest.

You feel a strange instinct in your mind and before you know it you are running at Nathaniel. You try to bite him in the leg, but your teeth are too small to do anything, you attempt to scratch him with your paw but since you are only one month old you have no claws you scratch with. He soon kicks you off his leg and he says "You didn't tell me you got a dog." After Nathaniel kicks you off his leg, you hear a punching noise, and you soon realize that it's Maria punching his chest and taking the jacket back. She says "I don't know what I ever convinced myself that I saw in you." After he recovers from the punch he says "Since when are you so strong?" She responds with "Since you messed with my dog, now leave this house! And thanks for the jacket." With a frustrated look on Nathaniel's face, he then says "You're stealing my jacket from me?" Maria then says "You stole my stuff first, you're not getting this back, unless you want to try to fight me, which you will lose." Nathaniel says "Someday I will get revenge for this, you and your puppy." He then walks out the door slamming it behind him.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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