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15:05:54 left until timer runs out.

It is morning, and the door to the laundry room is closed again, trapping you in. You don't want to start yapping again to alert them you're awake, since that made Maria mad at you yesterday. Eventually someone opens the door, you look to see it's the mother, holding a basket of clothes. You walk out and see Maria sitting on a chair in the living room, holding her phone in one hand and a black jacket in the other. You walk over to Maria and she says "At least you'll never betray me Spot" and then she strokes your back. You don't know how to feel about the stroke. On the other 2 days she was getting her backpack around this time, you wonder why she isn't today and it doesn't take you long to get to the conclusion that it's now the weekend.

You hear the mother in the kitchen doing something, you hear her make a strange high-pitched whistling noise. You approach where the whistle came from and see a full bowl of dog food and a full bowl of milk, you assume the whistle must be her alerting you to come eat. You eat the dog food, which still tastes as gross as it did the first time, you thought it would slowly get better but that didn't seem to be the case. You start drinking the milk, not because you are thirsty, but to wash out the taste of the dog food.

The mother says to Maria "You'll need to walk Spot soon, when is Nathaniel coming over to get his jacket?" Maria responds with "He is coming at 2:00, do I really have to walk Spot again?" Her mother simply glares at Maria and Maria then runs to her room and soon comes back with the itchy leash. After a while you finish the dog food and she immediately puts the leash around your neck and nudges you to go outside for (hopefully) the final walk.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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