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Stupid pet store

A couple hours later Maria leaves to school again, she didn't walk you today. The mother picks you up and says "Come on we need to go get you checked up at the pet store, those idiots said you were checked for diseases, and that they knew your gender." She stuffs you in the pet cage again, and it felt like an earthquake again as she carries the cage to the car. The car ride was boring and bumpy, you were relieved when it was over, until she picked up the cage again. When she walks into the pet store she says "Hello? I got a call today that Spot needs to be checked for diseases? You also said you guys lied about knowing 'his' gender." The pet store clerk responds "Yes, we're terribly sorry about that, we'll take Spot to the back room and you'll have him back in about 20 minutes."

The man takes the cage with you in it and carries it to the back room. You hear the door close behind you as the cage door opens. You walk out nervously and see someone in a lab coat staring at you. He says "Don't worry Spot this'll be over before you know it." He has a clipboard on a table with a pen next to it. He picks you up and holds you upside-down, you feel dizzy and disoriented. He sets you down rightside-up on the ground and then makes a mark on the clipboard. You assume this is the gender test, you get nervous to find out your new body's gender.

He then picks you up again, before you can find out what he's about to do, you feel a pinch in your neck. Out of reflexes you yelp and then try to bite him in the arm, the bite doesn't hurt him at all since you are only 30 days old. Your neck suddenly has a lot of pain, a lot more than you remember needles hurting when you were a human. You struggle to escape his arms because of the intense pain caused by the rabies shot. You hear him say "Relax Spot, there's just one more shot then you're done." You give up trying to escape and let him put the needle in your neck, the pain is now worse. He places you back in your pet cage and closes the cage's door. You feel the cage lift again and eventually you are back in the car.

Written by TurnedIntoDragon

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