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This fur is itchy

He says "Ah. It doesn't matter. I'm going to turn you into a werecat. You would look cute with whiskers."

Before you can object you feel week and fall to your knees.

Your body itches like crazy as black fur grows all over you spreading on your skin head to toe or well. paws. You look at your feet as they become kitty paws with claws and your hands become clawed as well. Your ears perk up to the top of your head as your face becomes more feline with sharp teeth and cute whiskers. The last change is your long black tail that pokes out just above your jeans.

Sadly when your feet and legs became more muscled and feline you ripped your jeans a bit. You had just bought them and your kitty form destroyed them.

Now, what is it that werecats do?

Written by Cerberus

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