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How my big wonderful belly came to be

Ok so my name isEthan and I'm rich I'm 14 and I ave a girlfriend Annie that is 14 to wee both homeschooled and both of our parents let us do whatever we want I wave been dating Annie for 2 years we love eachother a lot ok so one year my parents said they had to go to a different country for an entire year I was just like ok I'm good with that my Grandmaw was exactly like my parents so when I got there I asked Annie if she wanted to come live with me at my grandmas for an entire year she was so excited she came as fat as she could showing up without a top in her bikini bottoms we had sex right away after she got there and I wasn't wearing a condom like normally and she got prego but she didn't seem to mind at first until she started to get a belly then she was like I'm gona get so fat and ugly so I told her I would gain just as much as she does to make sure we're not the odd couple and I did her belly grew so fast but after I started to gain with her I became addicted to have a big belly I don't know why but Annie's and my belly turned me on so much then I soon figured out that the same thing happened to Annie she started eating so much her belly getting so big and round and sexy and so was mine by the end of the 2nd month I was huge my belly stuck out like a door knob straight out in front of me it was always packed tight with food and Soda and so was Annie's her belly was so smooth and huge  she ate more then me her belly was almost twice the size of mine she already looked nine months prego but she told be she wanted to to look 9 months Pregnant with quads and I said ok so one day we just layed on the couch (nacked) stuffing each other her belly was HUGE it stuck out 3 feet in front of her and was 3feet wide and tall it was a perfect orb except for the little bump were her belly button poped out my belly was the size of hers now to she was so happy we had sex so much our bellies made it fun and interesting when she had her baby we named her zia and she is the best little baby ever we continue to stuff ourselves constantly our bellies growing so much every day they barely fit threw the doorways now he have to squeeze them thew the bush the sides of hallways when we walk down them and they are always full of food stuffed taunt big and round and sexy bellies (Annie's boobs are also quite nice) her belly is smooth and huge as always it's so awsome it bobs up and down when she walks it's always a big round wonderful orb sitting in front of her sexy body always growing and always the fastest way to turn me on

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