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my fat story

this is the story of how i got my big belly i am 13 and already hit puberty my parents own a housing company im home shcooled and im good with computers so i set up a program to do my school work for me amd for my girlfriend she has been my girl for 2 years we love eachother and also make love qute a bit too my fanily lets me do whatever i want and so does my girls family so were always with eachother we both have a early drivers lisense sesnse our parents are gone alot when i turned 12 i starte dto look up pictures of people with huge bellies on the enternet i gave me huge erectons especillay the huge prgnaunt women ok so my parents told me one day that they had to go to the other side of the states for a hole year i just said ok im good with that they just said ok so the next week i want to my grandmaws and she was just like my parents right when i got there i called my girl and asked her if she wanted to come live at my grandmaws house for a entire year with out my 2, and 4 year old siblings they went to my other grand parents house she instantly said yes she got there 30 mins later she said hi miss k to my grandmaw and she said hi annie ok so kids ive only got one rule u cant have sex in the same room im in we both just said ok then waled to the bedroom we were gona stay in we were both thinking the same thing lets have sex we just looked at eachother and we both just got naked i had box of condoms were i didnt get her prego but if every thing went to my plan she would be prego by next week so it was next week we both were naked all the time always touching eachother she always had her hand on my dick and mine were always on her boobs or pussy and we had sex at least 5 times every day ok so we had just finished having sex and we were making out on the couch naked our hands exploring eachother i stoped then told her i want to get fat she just said ok but if you get a big belly i want one too i just said ok how bout i get you prego she just said yay i get abig belly and a babby then i said lets start now we went into the kitchen and i grabbed 2 gallon jugs of protein shakes i mixed each of them in a 5 gallon bucket and said one for me and one for u we both grabbed them and started chugging annie stopped drinking hers and sat it down i dint nottice and she started likking the drink off my boddy scice it was running down the sides of my mouth it ran down to my dick and she started licking it off my dick and my balls (my dick is 13 inches with a erection and my balls are huge ) she slid my dick into her pussy slowly she knew this made me so turned on i finished  the shake we stummbled into our room having sex while walking down the hally fell onto our bed and gave it our all i held my cum back as long as i could to make the sex last longer when i did cum it was the biigest load i had ever blew into my girl and she got prego with triplests and her belly got so huge over the 9 month but mine was much bigger mine was 2wice the size of my girls i could barley get out of bed we still had sex and more of it it was so fun with our huge bellies wee got drunk so muck and had sex so much and ate soooo fucking much im now married to the same girl im 22 and so is she he have 4 kids we let them do what ever they want in hopes that there life will be as happy as ours my i now have to squexx my belly throgh dorways it brushes the side of halwasy as i walk down them heres a picthat i took when iwas 16 and here is a pic of my girl

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