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No Escape

"Yes! I will do anything!" You think for a few seconds and then say "Nah, your kind has been on top of the food chain for too long" and pat the dragon inside, as your belly makes churns louder. Kana inside is shaken by your belly's gurgling, and is feeling more and more helpless "I guess, dragon I will let you out eventually" You say playing with your churning belly" "Oh you truly mean it??" The dragon implored "Well, I would say in a half a day or so, after you have taken a long journey. Think of it, you get to see a werewolf's intenstine and colon! I can't say you will be keep your draconic beauty by the end of it" You say as your belly gives the loudest gurgle yet. The dragon is confused by the situation; it does not understand what you are implying at first and thinks a minute silently. Once your words sink in, Kana whimpers realizing her fate: A divine creature in the belly of lower animal. The sick, twisted irony! "Don't worry Kana" You say, drifting off to sleep "I'm pretty sure dragon sticks to the thighs. I hope you become some good butt fat for me" At this point your belly gurgling and churning are so loud, anything Kana says are drowned out. A huge puff of air escapes your rear end, making a deafining sound. You blush and say "There's more where that came from" and then drifted to sleep with the dragon's struggles finally winding down as your belly roars throughout your long nap.

Written by Stepheb

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