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Gigantic belly

U start eating the meat it is raw but scince u have been turned into a werewolf u love raw meat and this is seasoned a lot it's so good u just keep eating and the raw meat keeps coming and coming u can't lie your dick under your belly is rock hard and it's getting bigger to as u eat it is already a foot and 2 inches having this big belly turns u on soooo much and so does the dragoness with her belly 5 times the size of your u stare at her still eating your belly has grown so much the dragon stops bring in meat now she just starts bringing whole animals u cum under your belly thinking how big it's gona get your so turned on that even after u have cumed that your dick is still rock hard and u start eating the animals first it's a couple dozen horses there delicious and u just start swallowing them whole then is cows then some cows that have been fed very well there feet donor touch the ground from there belly lifting them up u swallow them then it's baby whales then full grown blue whales 2dozen of them your belly is now the the size of a quarter of the cave not as big as the dragons but the dragon walks up to u and says drink this u don't argue u take the valve and your hair starts to fall out it's being replaced with scales the 2wings sprout from your back and u feel your dick grow nearly 4 feet and u cum like 10 times in a row then your so excited now u can make love with the dragon then she says drink u take it and drink it before she can finish and I feel your belly and your dick grow around 10 freaking feet for your dick and your belly triples in size then u feel u being rolled onto your back and the dragon starts having sex with your now 15 foot dick and your gigantic belly u cum 40 times before she gets off of u and says that should make me pregnant enough and now for u need to get bigger 9 months later your now the size of the moon and so is your sex machine partner who has become absolutely humongous from being pregnant with 100 giant dragon eggs

Written by Chubbyness

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