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A new life?

You look down at the eggs and kana where you are towering with your expanse of girth and furry blubber.. "Yes. I will." You say. You figure it is the least you can do for Kana. "Thank you, dear." She says. "I am going to be a lupine step-father." You say excitedly." Put them near me." Kana walks and puts them near your massive expanse of furry blubber. Your body is warm from eating lots of roasted prey. "Thanks, dear."  She starts to leave. You ask her. " What happened  to your mate?" Kana Looks at you and explains..." My mate and I lived together." "However.... something bad happened happened." Kana begins to explain her mates situation. "What? " You ask in a deep voice. .".my mate ... called Caleb who was a green dragon who had...." Kana begins to explain in a disconcerted manner.

Written by JER

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