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You hav been gorging on meat, conuming it voraciously.Your let out a burp and rub your own girth of what you can reach.  You are very large werewolf, your belly extends to 8 feet across, spreading your legs apart and your belly spreads in front to more than half the cave.   "I want more food. The elk and the deer. Kana brings up a pile of elk and deer, flies up and then scales your mass expanse of silvery colored underbelly  fur which covers mountanious amounts of blubber. "Your appetite is endless."  She then gets to your chest and upper body and then places them. You grab them and swallow them in your maw.  You pet kana on her back "Very good kana. For helping me, I will watch your cave.". Kana sits on your fur. "you feel very warm." She says. "Thanks you reply." "Kana. Tell me about how you got here." Kana says "Well.... I first came here as a hatchling in the forest and then my parents raised me....." She begins her story. She then continues her story.

Written by jer

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