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One Poor Man

Why to me he looked as inviting to me of wanting my more personal attentions graced upon him in true satyr style. Our eyes met and he stood like a deer held entranced in the headlights of a vehicle. It was then that I felt a wonderful warming sensation in my goat size balls.

Although I was at that same moment engaged to the hilt with a doe goat, the want for this fellow by me became the greater inspiration of that moment in time. The doe goat in front of me bleated her wish for me to return my attentions totally to her and what we were doing.

Disdain for the doe turn to being a passion to give this man what he might never have known if not his luck in meeting me a real satyr. I forgot where I was involved and took a step toward the man, only to feel the dragging of my erect maleness from out the darling doe. This gained me an aching of my goat buck cock, of what to my delight seemed to suggest my goat balls had started to grow larger again. My cock began to lengthen and gain added girth as what was my erection took on the contour and character as if of an equine.

I walked or rather staggered toward the man held then in a satiric trance. As much of what I felt happening to me, my boner becoming stouter of its erection, while knowing I was helpless to fight the sensed ambition to mate. I had adored my mating with the goat herd, they grunting and me moaning, as I was enjoying unbelievable pleasures.

My coming in contact with the man was but a blur or seemingly instinctive satiric moves until what had happened slowed and I stood there bearing down, as lunging into him.

The speed to which he with me mated reminded me of having watched a buck goat mate a doe in quick fashion and leap off her, only to return to his humping of the doe a minute later. So as I mated with him there came a sensation I think we both felt as of his getting tighter. My cock made similar juicy sounds as if sliding in or out of doe goat sex. I felt my passionate want building, as at the height of functioning I screamed, as bellowed like a buck goat mating, he reach the essence of climaxing, as had to boast of his domineering.

I began clawing at the man about his torso, me gasping, not able or wanting to quit. My sensation of want for lust was increasing, and my cock aching. Of raw wanton need for feeling a sexual release, I wanted to cum, as thought to beg of heavenly powers, but seeing there, she my cute Sprite, I asked of her if she would somehow help me to climax.

"Is this as a wish your third wish that I help you to ejaculate," asked my Sprite fairy Angelica of me?

"No, oh no, I just know I need to fire in a massive load to quell this agonizing want to complete my mating...!" I answered the Sprite.

I wanted to climax and feel the surging rush of my semen flow down the length of my nicely enlarged cock. I began talking aloud as to myself and begged for my balls to release the sheer flood they held stored and waiting.

I took to thrusting faster, trying to wriggle my cock and increase the sensation to urge then the needed release. My body shivered all over as my want and sheer ecstasy continued to build to a crescendo. I cried out screaming like some wild buck, the animal part of me taking full control, my mentality lost, buried in a ravaging bestial act of raw sex to where I heard me screaming as if i had become a goat.

My Sprite fairy fluttered about, she laughing, spoke and taunting said to me, "It does feel good, your being a goat and stud? You are not the first for me to see what was born a man acting the part of a brute male animal engrossed in sexual fornicating. They all talk after the fact about feelings of balls swelling, your cock extending, the orifice entered as becoming snugly fitting, as tends to tickle the fancies of a satyr?

When you enjoy having sex with real beasts, with those doe goats you have such insatiable passions what work to change and make the animal part of you grow and in time take over what was that satyr being you. So trust what I say, as the more you fornicate with animals, the more animal a male goat shall your body become as you cum!

As after what seemed like a forever in time, all pleasures died away, and I dislodged from my first male victim, my stouter sized cock slipping out making an unusual cork-popping sound what tickled my funny bone and made me laugh. A look around had me note that the goat herd had wandered away, leaving me to my uncommon delights.

Something more seemed wrong or at the least not quite as it was before I met that poor man. He being stock naked and having had his body defiled in varied ways, looked to me as being different than when we first met. As I stood there letting my stout erection begin to wither and draw back inside its warming furry sheath, my victim made a sound what in human terms might best be described as a guttural groan of feeling dismay and more so, as one thoroughly debauched.

I watched as he tried to stand up and brush off the residue of being accosted by a satyr. He tottered before then falling forward, he wholly unsteady was standing on legs partially similar to mine, his heels being as hocks, and feet quite goat like as are mine.

"What is this you have done to me," the man asked, as he stood then on hands and knees.

"Take it easy," I said, "Given time and say three more encounters with me and walking on all fours with hooves shall seem commonplace."

My comment did not seem to comfort the poor man. I say he was a poor man because during my skirmish with him I had ejaculated some three times inside..., my semen being highly infectious had begun doing to him what my Genie had done to me, made me a satyr.

It seemed obvious to me that the poor man never wanted to have what his buck goats have hanging between their hide hocks. As due to the injecting of satyr semen inside his bowels, the organs around where the semen entered had begun conforming to being that like a male goat. Indeed, he had already the hind feet and starts to getting cloven hoofs to replacing his human toes.

I stood there amused as I watched this poor man check how his body was changing, he cupping his hands about his much increased, bigger balls, as feeling how his penis had drawn up inside his lower abdomen and travelled, emerged out a furry belly sheath, it about two inches below his fuzzy navel.

To see a man struggling to deal with his body changing, he becoming more akin to the animals there on his farm. I almost smiled when seeing the man feeling at his sheath and from the touching drawing from out it came a red colored goat buck size cock, it having lost any contour to being circumcised. As he gained his first ever goat size of an erection I smiled, as I admired the stoutness and length of his pointy cock, it nearly sixteen inches poked out from its sheath.

His cock began to dripping some pre, the stuff being still somewhat human was thick enough to hang off the cock-head in long strings of sticky goo.

He was feeling and finding his body as taking on similar aspects of becoming a satyr, if but that I knew what my semen did to men would change the poor man into being a double to his prime buck goat and herd sire after a couple of horny feeling weeks of pleasured play with the likes of me.

Written by AdobeFats

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