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There are limits to everything

"What is, is as it shall be for you by becoming a satyr." Said that cuter than cute female a Genie.

What seemed very odd was the mental idea that she, the Genie was looking more each passing minute of her being quite appealing to the new sensed feelings of being a male satyr.

"Genie dearest, if I might come then as be close to you, do tell me if my third wish can be forestalled to later, as when I might need some dire help to dissuade a jealous enemy from doing me physical harm?" As said and asked by the then sensuous thinking a satyr.

"COME No closer, as I, and my bodily self is at peace and feels no desire for you as might human females and female goats your presence would bring on them pangs of estrus.

Be fool enough to dare and touch me anywhere upon my person and expect to feel my wrath upon you, as both physically and mentally.

I say beware and advance toward me no further, take not a step more lest your hands become as hooves, and your arms be as the fore-legs of a goat. Beware as be warned and take then a second stride step toward me with your mind filled with ideas of molesting me and your seven hundred year lifetime shall be in the form of a large breed buck goat with his human intellect intact to taunt him every minute of his life!" She the Genie did so warn her most recent protégée and Master.

"But my Genie I feel drawn to thee, ah you, as is my maleness poking past the furred edge to my very goaty sheath." So said he the satyr of his sense of lust that was just the beginning of the beastly style of lust he when fully a satyr shall feel.

"Indeed and with rash indignity you dare point that thing, that male member toward me as if I by being female would wish to feel it up and inside my body.

N...o, I shall impede your advancing, as by but the touch of my index finger to the anterior blunt end to you male member, I deem it then to become similar in girth, length and head as contoured like what you so often set as watched seeing your pet pony named Mike stand and be prolific with his member before the pony herd mares." She said.


As if a great clock just chimed, and its tone echoing off into the distance brought on a disturbing sensation. Down deep in the groin the already much enlarged scrotum did begin to swell, as change until it resembled the testicles of Mike the pet Welsh pony stallion.

"Oh what a pang for mating I am feeling," said the then much aroused satyr fellow.

"It is not over quite yet, just watch this...," the Genie said as if to warn her Master.

Satyr though he be, his furry belly mounted sheath began to swell, as become larger, as was what was inside of it growing, becoming more toward that gifted a pony stallion than to a goat or a satyr male.

Moaning and groans of both pain and wild sensual infatuation with want for mating, breeding, doing it as would a male brute animal rather than a more moderate male human with his beloved girlfriend.

"Ah..., oh that hurts, please do not do this to me, let go of me and I shall wander off into the woods, the brambles, and the great beyond!" So begged he the satyr feeling the wrath of a Genie upon an already enhanced as sensualized his body.

"More, I want to see on you the ideal male member similar to that what you sat and fantasized while watching your pet pony feel his oats for mating with his pony herd mares.

Ah huh, and there it is, your more massive male member, the blunt head, as it is black of skin color from head to sheath. See too it is of such girth size to enter equines or vulvas of similar size. You I deem to keep this massive male member for the span of time equaling..., three months, or until you make your final as third wish." She the Genie said, as soon as her words ceased coming, the lost of virtue satyr male began spurting steams of his cum, leaving him to feel vile and violated by the Genie.

"Ah...ugg..., ah, ah, ah..., as that is over, Genie my Genie what just happened to me?" So said the then satyr endowed with the maleness of a Welsh pony stallion in a satiric body.

"You expulsiated," she said as with some sense of glee.

"Expulsiated, is that a real word?" Her satyr Master then asked as did not understand her answer to his question.

"Umm, ah yes or if it not a word in the dictionary, it does explain what you felt and just did. To be frank, you just expelled the last of your human semen, as allowing your big Welsh pony size scrotum to replenish it with a load of satyr infectious goat semen, capable to making male humans as satyr brothers, and of female human sexual partners as temporary Satyress companions. It is for your female companions that the infectious semen with several oral or vaginal ingested spewed loads shall continue their transforming to be for you as your personal herd of doe goats, as there when you feel the need." She said, she that lovely Genie, the essence of what many a man would wish was as his wife and lover until death do them part.

He the new satyr stood there panting his breathing, his tongue lolled out his agape mouth, he feeling drastically weary from the sheer volume of what all his scrotum had just expelled.

Gag, couch, hacking as scraping his throat to try and talk, to reply as asked, "My Genie, what seemed to me as a simple and sexual existence you tending to what is now me has made of my desired fantasy lifetime a virtual hellish an existence.

I am not angry with you, as what you did was to protect your personal integrity. As please do not become angry with me for not fully understanding what it is to feel and become as partially a male animal driven by lust with a wish to dominate.

My being your Master and becoming a satyr is..., Not Quite, what I had as my wistful, wishful fantasy idea of me being a satyr.

I would almost make my final wish as to request of you to change me back to being wholly human and let me live what might have been my more meager a lifestyle. That said was an almost wish, as the thought of my living my fun fantasy for seven hundred years is enough of a perk to have me wanting to remain a satyr, as become then more and more a buck goat, until I live for a hundred years being the perfect buck sire to many a goaty herd.

I know that buck goats are filthy animals with weird delights of urinating before mating on their heads, fore-legs, and using the rank scent as if a perfume or a goat style aphrodisiac.

If it is possible, let me hold my third wish for some future time when by having lived as it is to be a satyr, I discover some reason to cause me want of a final change?" That said and he the satyr stood waiting for what the Genie might say yes, or specify her reasoning for answering with a profound NO.

Written by AdobeFats

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