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Feeling bloated

You start to transform into a werewolf growing a muzzle,claws,tail,and paws.At the same time you feel the bubbling in your stomach.Reon looks over at you and says that you're looking blue.The belt on your pants pops off and your shirt gets tighter and tighter,your buttons popping gradually.You look down at your inflating belly and realize that your skin has turned blue."What did you do"you exclaim to Reon.Reon looks at you in fear as he also keeps inflating and seems to not know what is happening to you.Your skin becomes a very dark blue and you start to feel helpless with your expanding stomach getting bigger and bigger,engulfing your hands,feet,and tail.You realize what is happening as you become round.You're becoming a blueberry and filling up with blueberry juice.Your big cheeks make it hard to speak to Reon.There is no hope for you or Reon as you inflate into a blueberry and ball.Your belly engulfing your entire body now,not able to see over your giant stomach.Reon says that the witch or Jessie will come get us maybe.He starts calling their names but no response.Who will save you now?

Written by Josh

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