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More problems

You hear a voice...a familiar voice.Its the witch.The swelling has slowed down but you're still growing.You hear the witch laughing as she finds a potion for Reon.Your cheeks are starting to engulf your face as you grow bigger and bigger,soon you might end up as a giant ball or you might explode!You try to speak but still,a muffle.You hear footsteps in the doorway.It's Jessie!She starts to look around your bloated body to make sure it's you.The witch gives Reon a potion that deflates him an soon he is back to normal size.Jessie try's to plea with the witch.You start to wiggle your hands to get attention,your body still swelling up,you might not have much time.Jessie starts to talk with the witch watching your hand for signals.She talks to the witch about letting you go and keeping her as a slave.Your other choice is for her to stop the swelling,let you go,but keep you at your giant size....that is,if you can find the potion.So,what is your choice?Hurry up you might not have much time if you keep growing like this.

Written by Unknown

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