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He just won't give up will he?

As you empty your food tray, a familiar green shimmer suddenly appears in front of you, and to you annoyance, the leprechaun appears, landing on your belly. You grunt at the sudden pressure before frowning. "What are ye doing lad?" asks the leprechaun, "Surely your not gonna leave things like this?" he says, strangely sincere in his tone.

"Seriously, can't you just leave me alone?" you say, pushing yourself up in an attempt to get up into a more upright position, struggling as your belly rolls from side to side as it pushes back. "I give up, you won! GAME OVER! Now let me get on with my life." With a final grunt, you manage you budge yourself up, and roll forward onto your feet, the leprechaun sliding off in surprise as you haul yourself up, your belly drooping almost to the floor before you turn to the kitchen. You upset, and you want to just stuff your face until you feel better. You open the fridge find some left over burgers and a cake, and take both out and set them on that table, pulling up two chairs and carefully settling your massive rump on them. Even with the weigh distributed, they creak dangerously. Ignoring it, you stuff the first burger into your face, followed by a slice of cake.

The Leprechaun appears before you again, "Seriously boyo, you can't REALLY mean yer throwing in the towel?" You growl and pull the cake in between you and him, and shove another chunk into your maw. "You've made it CLEAR that there's no way I'm gonna get any better off then this." you say angerly between bites, "So if I gotta live with being a big, huge wolf blob, fine, it's better then whatever will come if I keep trying to cut a deal with you." you say, finishing off your sentence by shoving another burger in your maw. "So shove off and let me enjoy my burger" you say with your mouth full, spewing crumbs in his general direction.

"But... but...." says the leprechaun, strangely perturbed by this, "What if... How about I make you..." he starts, but you quickly cut him off, "NO! No deals, no wishes, no transactions, get lost before I decide to sit on you." Honestly you don't think you could if you tried, the leprechaun could easily out run you before you even managed to get to your feet, but you hope it is enough to get rid of him. As much as you would like to think there was some way to get back to a reasonable weight, it is clear that any promise would backfire, better to just quit while you can, and at least you can enjoy all the food you want without worrying about your appearance, your already as big as a house, may as well enjoy it.

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