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Suddenly she feel another cramp and you pass out on a child holding a plate of meatballs.

You wake up and you realize you 12, you are in a diner, and your name is Mabel pines, and the boy sitting across from you is your brother dipper. You get up to go to the house of your great uncle, Grunkle Stan, the cheapskate who owns the "Mystery Shack" now the "Mystery hack" because the s fell of. You begin to try on all the turtle neck sweaters and settle on a bright blue sweater with an octopus on it, a salmon head band, and a salmon lace lined skirt.

After a while of walking around, a red headed boy with deep blue eyes motions you across the street, you stare into his eyes and think "this is the one" and then you realize, "hey, I know this story, he's going to leave me for dead if I get turned into an ice statue and he's going to take the throne" and you begin to move your lips and.... You smash a broken bottle in his head, sprinkling broken glass on the passed out boy.

Then you wonder....

Written by Yes, I am that weird, but I love Mabel pines

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