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six armed humantaur

you walk out the door and it is to cold to go out so you stay in you take off except for your bra then you need to go to the bathroom you walk up stairs and this time, you use both you penis. it is difficult because you need to hold one while you use the other. you let go of it but it begins to move back and forth very quickly pumping pee really hard. you try to keep it closed but you you begin to pee endlessly. so you don't mind you self pissing all over your house so sit down and watch tv. then you hear bones cracking on your hips. you begin to pee faster, nervously wondering what is happening, arms begin to grow. then once your new arms finish more cracking begins, this time above the hips you pee as fast as you can, your penis straight out then, more arms form. you now have six arms but your transformation isn't complete.

Written by mkturbo

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