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Full Circle Vicious Cycle

You cradle the corpse of the fallen Princess in your arms...

"You're in the Forest of Wishes and Dreams, moron," screeches Gina, flying by overhead, "wish her back to life already. Geesh!"

You do and Lola looks at you as if you were still a werewolf.

"Take your hands off me, knave! That gold is mine!"

You crumple to the ground as the Princess deftly knees you in the groin and races off down the trail. You almost wish you were still a werewolf, then think better of it. You rise, slowly, and follow the ineffable Lola into the trees.

You soon come to a sizable creek with a covered bridge, the Princess standing at the trail's end, reluctanct to step onto the first planks.

"Well," you shout, with no small amount of disgust tinging your voice, "the gold is yours, go and get get it."

"I... I... I don't think I can."

You roll your eyes. "I fear asking, but why not?"

"You... You go get it for me, OK?"

"To return the favor of being kicked in the crotch?"

"Oh, that..." she giggled, nervously. "That was a love tap, darling. I love you, I really do. Please, go get the gold."

You pass her, intent on keeping the gold for yourself, and step onto the covered bridge. You are plunged into darkness, neither opening apparent anymore, the planks under your feet not even certain. Your universe begins to spiral and you feel nauseous and stretched thin.

Brilliant light. As your eyes focus, you see not the expected collection of gold but a less welcome sight- the leprechaun! He speaks in a language you do not understand as the Princess hurries to your side, her otherwise childlike mouth spilling over with obscenities. The leprechaun points a gnarled cane at both of you and you black out.

You wake in a bed with Gina in your arms, the harpy no longer a harpy but a fully, and nicely, formed woman. Lola crawls in, as well, and they begin to tickle you to death, the sensations maddening but insanely pleasing. Then you scream as the leprechaun, invited by the females, joins your little party.

Written by Cathal (edited by wanderer)

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