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Don't Fall In

"I'm not going in there!" you say. "That looks way too dangerous."

"I didn't want to have to do this, but oh well," the woman says. She pulls out a remote and turns a dial on it. The hole begins to pull you towards it with an extreme amount of force. You grab the top of your bed as the pull lifts you into the air.

"I'm never letting go!" you yell.

"Ugh," the woman says, the gravity not affecting her. She walks over to the bottom of your bed and begins to tickle your feet.

"HAHAHA!" you laugh. "I'm still not going in!"

"Why do you have to make this so hard?" she asks, impatiently. The woman walks over to your hands and tries to pry them off of the bed stand. You won't budge. Then she reaches over and tickles your armpits and your sides. You laugh extremely loud, and begin to slip. Your hands let go of the bed, and you are sucked into the black hole.

Written by an anonymous author

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