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The chase (if you can call it that) is on!

You decide that, given your preyís predicament, you have nothing to lose from chasing it down. You take off as fast as your fat-laden legs will carry you - not fast, but hopefully fast enough.

The buck swings its head around to see ten tons of werewolf ponderously barreling towards him through the trees. He starts to break out into a run himself... only for his dragging stomach to make him pitch forward onto his head almost immediately. He then rolls sideways on his gut, apparently tight as a drum, downhill until his fall is arrested by several trees, with the deer on his side pinned helplessly by his own body.

You slow down, panting slightly, and simply walk over to the buck now frantically flailing in the vein hope he can right himself. You... win by default, you suppose, and you move in to claim your prey, but as you circle around near the buckís head, he suddenly calls out to you, "Wait! Please donít hurt me, please, Iíll do anything!"

Oh. Great. Dinner is talking to you now. Well, this complicates things...

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