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Myth Confirmed!

As you watch your reflection, your entire body seems to sag, quickly losing muscle tone and rounding out drastically. Your chiselled abs soften and bloat outwards, quickly swelling into a generous beer-belly, which pulls the already-tight belt even tighter. You grunt and release a few notches, and your growing body quickly fills in the slack as you gain more weight. Your pecs and arms follow your stomach, rapidly softening and swelling with layers of heavy fat, which swamp your new muscles and begin filling out the overalls to their full size. Your beard twitches, and on closer inspection you discover that you're growing a second chin, then a third, as your neck and shoulders thicken. Your neck completely disappears within a few seconds, and any remaining muscles quickly vanish beneath various layers of blubber, although you can still feel them beneath the flab.

As the overalls begin to grow painfully tight around you, the transformation stops, and the options wheel (now wedged tightly in your pocket) beeps. Looks like you're done changing - seems the overalls really did make you fat! Why would the construction company warp your memories, though? And where'd they even get these, in the first place? You have a lot of questions that need answering... you decide to head back to the construction site once the hospital releases you officially. No need to cause unnecessary panic by having a patient disappear during the night.

You remove the overalls, and make your way back to the storage area. By the time you've reached your shelf, you're mostly back to normal, save for a small beer gut and slightly-more-toned-than-usual muscles, but those quickly disappear once you replace the outfit and send it back into storage. The hospital should give your things back to you once you're dismissed, so it doesn't hurt to put them back. You make your way back to your room (barely avoiding the guards, again, and getting lost twice) and get into your bed. Hopefully no-one noticed your little excursion...

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