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Grand Magical Chef Agatha

You clear your throat, and the old woman halts mid-heel-click, then turns to you.

"So, um... You're a witch, right?" You ask cautiously.

The old woman cackles again, then gestures to the kitchen behind her. "What do you think, wolf? Welcome to my kitchen of horrors! And cake." She makes an exaggerated curtesy. "Grand Magical Chef Agatha, at your service."

That raises your hopes a bit. "Great! Maybe you could help me, then. You see, I need you to--"

Agatha shushes you with a raised hand. "You can't expect me to just hand out favours and spells like free gifts, dog. We just met! I'm not some leprechaun you can just make wishes to. I require... payment."

"I have ten bucks, would that do?"

Another cackle. "I have no need for money. What I require is something far more arcane, something that money can't buy." She walks past you and taps the mirror, which shimmers and changes to show a coffin lying in a dark room. "If you can bring me the Countess's ring from the dungeons beneath the castle, then I will give you whatever you need."

"Why can't you just get it yourself?"

"The Countess was a smart one. Had magical barriers built to keep away those of us gifted with the arcane arts, and traps to deal with anything else. I have no chance of reaching the coffin. You, on the other hand..." She looks you over, then frowns. "Actually, you wouldn't stand much of a chance either. What kind of Lycan are you?"

"Actually, I'm not--"

Agatha waves away your protest and scurries around the corner, bowling over a hundred tiny men in the process. When she returns, she's carrying a small bottle filled with a purple liquid. "Nevermind that." She says, handing you the bottle.

"What is this?" you ask.

"Essence of Lycanthropy. My own recipe! Normally it'd turn a human into a wolf for several hours, but in your case, it might increase your physical strength."

"And you're just giving this to me?"

"It's a temporary spell." She explains. "Besides, I have a whole cupboard full of the stuff. Even if you do try to run off with it, it's no loss to me." She taps the mirror again, and it's surface darkens. "Now it's your decision, wolf. You can retrieve the ring, and I can give you humanity, or whatever; or, you can leave with a temporary fix."

"Your choice."

Written by Racesolar

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