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A New Family

You grab onto the latch, Its handle smooth shiny and warm, as you turn it and enter a warm breeze passes over you. Jesse giggles again as she states, "Welcome Home." The Room is almost utterly golden in color, its wood like furniture bringing a very homely tide mixed in with the aroma of Chicken stew, brought on by the kitchen. "Barbra must be finally be cooking last night's catch." Jesse says closing the door behind her. Your set back on the awe of the homeliness around you. The entryway itself Is quite big even for her. Nonetheless Jesse Leads you into the Living room, a room twice as big as the entry way itself, a warm fire rawrs welcoming you to the humble home. Jesse Leads you to the dinning room a table already set there for 12 people, or rather foxes... As she sits you down your mouth begins to moisten as the Smell of Stewed chicken Directly Influxes your Nose.

Written by Macallester Biggins.

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