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A Fenris Wolf

Eventually you figure your going to have to go back. Even if you are comfortable, you should find outexactly what happened, or if there are any surprises that could pop up due to this new form of yours. You get up, shake, strech, and start a casual trot back towards the castle, easily following your own scent through the woods back the way you came. It doesn't take long, even though you estimate you've covered a few hundred miles in your initial run.

You get back to the castle, bounding into the courtyard as easily as you exited it. The Alpha is waiting for you, along with Max and Cameron. "Glad to see you back," says the Alpha, "I assume it went well?"

"No problems, seems to be a natural process now," you say, sitting down to bring your head a bit closer to the ground. "Been a long time since I saw one of you," says Max, as he examines you further, poking you in the face with his cane, causing you to instinctivly bare your teeth, a reaction he seems to have wanted to prompt. "What does he mean?" you ask, slightly annoyed as Max keeps poking you in various spots, as if testing your reflexes. "He's talking about Fenris wolves," says Cameron, "Apparently that's what you are now." You ponder over the term, "Fenris as in Fenrir?" you ask, recalling the norse mythology about a giant wolf that was destined to eat the sun and the King of the Gods, or something to that effect.

"Yes, except it seems that the myth applies more to our lore then Norse." says the Alpha, "Our legends speak of a time before man when we walked as giants across the land, however, it seems that true case is that we passed the gift of lycanthrope to men, and it changed the form we took, at lest that is what I think. If my guess is correct, this is the form lycanthorpy takes when a true wolf is infected. I can see why our ancestors would have stopped the practice of turning wolves with the onset of mankind, giant wolves would stick out to much, I only wish they had left records of this effect. We could have tried something else."

"Not that I'm really complaining," you say, still feeling incredably at ease with yourself. "This feels great." The Alpha doesn't look as pleased. "But it does cause us problems. For one the catle can't house you, and your sure to attract attention when someone sees you. That puts us at risk of exposure. Then there is the food you'll require, as our territory is too small for the amount of hunting you'll have to do, and it will cause problems with the neighboring packs when they find out you've been hunting in their teritory."

You suddenly realize you probably did go way beyond what the pack would be able to cover normally, so it is very likely. "So, what are you suggesting?" you say, suddenly getting a sinking feeling about this for the first time. The Alpha looks you in the eye and says...

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