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you get the dragon's attention

You see Jessie is scared and the Dragon is hungry. She shows an hungry face and she rubs her tummy and advances on jessie. You yell. "Kana! Leave Jessie alone. She did not harm you!" You continue to walk to the cave. " Jessie looks and sees you, and smiles. The dragon turns around. "Oh.. I did not see you wolfie. There is no food left and I need to eat." You rush over to jessie and stand in front of her " You'll have to go through me first, before you harm Jessie. Jessie is my friend, do not eat herI I looked out in the field and there is not much, but we'll find some. Jessie and I are your pets and should not be eaten. Jessie sighs in relief and says "Thank you wolfie, for standing up for me as my friend, and thinking of our best interest." Kana replies to your defense by....

Written by wolfie

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