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more food

Having finished the emu pile, Jessie wipes her mouth with her paw, and licks her lips. She then signs, lays her head back, and pats her ever soft, enormous sized belly. As jessie finished the emus, Jessie's behind ,expands to more than half the cave. her silvery white underbelly expands on several feet in all directions. She has grown several chins. The fat has expanded to her arms, and made then thick, the mass weight gain has caused her haunches to spread several feet and grow folds on them. This makes stretch marks in her dark orange fur. Her head is tiny compared to her huge body. You feel yourself grow higher, as jessie's girth expands.

The dragon looks up to her, amazed. Jessie consumed about 30 tons of food. You are astounded too "Wow, you must have been hungry jessie." you continue to lay on her belly, you are in the middle and immersed in the colossal padding of jessie's tummy that consists of a sea of fat and fur that is very comfortable, soft, and warm. She says. "Oh i'm sorry, wolfie and kana, did you want some?" She shows some regret. You reply "I'm okay. Thank you, your furry blubber is so warm and accommodating." You stroke it with you face, rub it witg your paws, and lay in it happily." Jessie wags her tails, and pets you her with paws from what you can reach."Thank you, I am glad I could make you comfortable." Jessie purrs.Kana says "There is still the pig and these fruits. Wolfie come and get them." You climb down jessie's belly and meet the dragon, the dragon gives you the fruits. In an armful you scale the huge wave of furry blubber that is jessie's tummy. when you get close to the top of her massive girth near Jessie's head, you give the fruit to her and take a lay in the warm flesh. "Thank you wolfie." Jessie smiles and pats your head. You and jessie eat the fruit. Kana shouts "Wolfie there is the pig, and I could get more food." You reply "Okay kana, yes" Kana leaves the cave. You and jessie are alone. Jessie strokes your back and pulls you for a hug. You blush. you stroke jessie's cheek. Jessie smiles and then you pull foward to nuzzle her. "Oh, wolfie. I didn't know you could be some affectionate." Jessie murrs." You reply "I love spending time with you." You wonder. "What will happen next?"

Written by wolfie

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