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You wander about the forest for some time, having to stop every few minutes to catch your breath. Even though your not getting any fatter now, your current weight is still more then enough to slow you down, if not from the sheer load your trying to haul, then from the numerous other little annoyances it causes you. You can't see your feet, making it all to easy for you to trip over roots and sticks that litter the floor as they disappear under the horizon of your belly. Not only that, you often have to take detours when it turns out that your bulk it too big to fit through groups of trees without getting wedged. Most annoyingly is when the ground beneath your feet caves in, either where thr ground is soft or from borrows, your weight too much for it to support. You trip plenty of times, and while your excess padding keeps you from any serious injury, fighting gravity to lift yourself back onto your feet leaves you gasping for breath, your form ebbing and wobbling from the motion.

As you climb a hill, you find yourself on an embankment overlooking the forest, which stretches out like a sea of green. Your forst to contimplate the fact that you have absolutely no idea where your going, and begin thinking about turning around and heading back to the town for more information. However, it seems the earth has different plans, as the ground suddenly give out under you, your weight causing it to give out in a small landslide. You fall on your ump, only to find your center of gravity rolling you forward, your round body acting as little more then a ball as you begin tumbling down the hill, spinning as you bounce, decimating the small shrubs in your path. Eventually you slow as you reach the bottom of the hill, your center of gravity landing you on your back where you are left heaving, dizzy from your fall. You struggle to sit up, resisting the urge to throw up, pushing yourself back up against a tree to support yourself. Only when your head stops spinning do your notice...

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