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Gryff Greenwell

Kaliburn carries you to a remote mountain hillside. On landing you discover you have turned back to the troll Tiger. You see a 16 year-old teenager walking up. "I suppose you want some explanations." he says in a Welsh accent. "I'm Gryff Greenwell. I'm a wizard and Artie is my familiar".

Artie, the raven you met earlier, lands on a nearby rock. "When you saw Kalibyrn explode, that was just a disguised transportation spell." "My spark was transported too" says the dragon "and now I'm FREE! FREE!!"


"Oh no. We could only transport Kal and his spark when he was near death and he and his spark was weak enough. This was our plan B, and you made it possible as well." says Gryff.

"After I was transported here, Gryff used his magic to heal me and I returned just in time to save you. But you will still have to fight that creature, eventually."

"There is one weapon that can help you. Excalibur. You will have to find it and restore it. I can't help you, I exhausted my magical energy healing Kalibyrn", says Gryff. "You must return to the castle and take your position as Morganna's general. She's been brought back to life, I can sense her."

Written by A R Jackson (edited by wanderer)

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