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Hunting Troubles

It's been a few hours since you left the cave. You and the dragoness agreed to split up to cover more ground, and so far you've had just as bad of luck as she had on her first attempt. She wasn't lying when she said the animals all disappeared, it seems; the forest is deathly quiet save for the wind and the trees moving in it, and you haven't seen anything promising for food this entire time.

As a particularly strong gust of wind sweeps up underneath you, it suddenly occurs to you just how bitterly cold it has gotten. Your thick fur and ample spare padding are keeping you remarkably warm - in fact, you're a bit too hot for comfort on account of the exertion of moving ten or so tons of werewolf around - but the temperature must be well below zero by now, despite being warm enough to rain only a day prior. How strange that the weather should change so dramatically...

Lost in thought, you find yourself abruptly stopping, startling you. You feel pressure on both of your overflowing hips, and as you look to see what's causing it, you realize you've managed to wedge yourself between two thick trees. You struggle briefly to no avail, then harder, with only minimal success. Finally, you heave with every ounce of strength you have, pushing free of your wooden prison and shattering the two trunks in the process. You lose your balance and faceplant; both of the offending trees come down with you and lay at either side.

This might be more than you're willing to put up with, you think as you attempt to right yourself. It takes you what must be at least five minutes to get off your boulder of a stomach and on your feet, and doing so nearly exhausts even your seemingly endless lycanthropic strength. "Surely," you say to no one in particular, "I've got enough fat to keep me going for a while. The dragoness and Jessie are even better off than me. We can go a few days without food. Jessie's been alone in that cave all day now, as well. Maybe I should go check on her, make sure she's alright." A monstrous rumble eminates from your stomach, however, and you realize that you are very hungry yourself. You're used to keeping this tank full, after all.

After a few minutes of thought, you...

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