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Jessie trotted back to the kinksune camp site, trying to look happy. "Jessie! long time no see," barked a voice. Jessie looked over her sholder and saw her dearest friend, Scar. He was a humanoid also, a Red Wolf kinksune, with a scar slashed across his face signaling that he was alpha. "Scar!" Jessie ran over to the other kinksune hugging him around the neck. "i brought something for you..." scar galloped off to a near by tree and came back, paws behind his back. "Happy kinksune-aversary!" he revealed a sparling dimond neclace. Jessie gasped and hugged Scar again. "here..." Scar circled behind Jeassie and fasened the peice of jewlry around her neck. "there. now let me see you..." Scar stood infront of Jessie. "Now i see that no dimond can compare to your beauty," Jessie blushed, and together the two walked intro the camp.

Written by Silverfox

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