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The strangeness continues

Most of the doors are frozen over, and un-openable. There are one or two that are free, but the rooms are either empty or lead nowhere. You find a lighter in a small storage room, though - what's something so modern doing in a place like this? It works fine, so you take it with you. A few doors down from the storage room, there's a large hole in the floor - looks like it caved in or something. Looking in, you can see the lower floor a ways down, but the fall's pretty far. You'll need something to climb down.

You backtrack upstairs, and grab everything you can find - curtains, bedsheets, anything large enough to tie together, and create a make-shift rope. You bundle it up and lug it downstairs, then tie it securely to a torch scone and drop the rest into the hole. You give the rope a few tugs, then swing over and slowly shimmy your way down.

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